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Bike and fuel costs, all hotels and camping, food and water are included. Only your personal expenses like alcohol, soft drinks etc are not included.


The difficulty level ranges between Challenging for Nepal/ Tibet and the Himalayas and Moderate for Bhutan and Rajasthan.


Yes infact we specialise in customising tours based on your dates or group size. Got a small group of 3-4 riders, yes well customise a trip for you.


Our minimum group size is 8 riders however we could run the trip with a smaller group as well.* Conditons apply


Travel Insurance should be purchased by the client in his/her home country, we do not provide insurance.


Internal flights will be booked provided by us on certain itineraries and is included in the price. However you need to book your own international Flight to get here.


Visas need to be obtained directly at your home country except for Bhutan and Tibet which we will procure for you.


We use the Royal Enfield Classic 500cc & 350cc and the Royal Enfield Himalayan 411cc bikes.


Mountain weather is very unpredictable so come prepared for all kinds of weather. Temperatures can vary between 22-25 deg C in the day to minus 5C at night. In places like Rajasthan daytime temperatures can be around 30-32 deg C.


It’s not every day that you travel across the world to discover Asia. If your holiday dates go beyond the group bike tour, make the most of it by extending your stay, whether it’s just for one night or a second trip. We know the countries you’re visiting very well, and we’re always happy to share our top tips with you.

Not to be missed: Agra and the legendary Taj Mahal, a must-see just a few hours from Delhi. For a glimpse of mystical India, spend a few days in Varanasi. Too much bike, not enough beach ? Stay a few extra days in Sri Lanka or Kerala ! Need some time out ? Venture into the Gobi desert. And if you’re still not tired, head off on a rafting expedition down the Zanskar 



If you chance your luck and try travelling without the requisite documents, you will certainly be turned away. You can’t – yet – board a plane without a passport. NB: for all our destinations, your passport must be valid for at least another six months after your holiday end date and, of course, have a few blank pages left.


The process for getting visas differs for each tour country, and it’s up to you to deal with it. It‘s worth the hassle, and we can answer any questions you might have. Here’s some guidance:

elatedly India:

India has a unique way of doing things – starting with ID photos, for which there’s a special format !

A 6-month tourist visa* costs about A$ 83.
* Fee calculation varies. Fee quoted is for: a lifelong Australian citizen with single nationality, for a single-entry visa, applied for/collected at an application centre, paid by debit card.

A tourist visa* costs about GBP 110.
* Fee stated is for: up to 1 year, single/multiple entry, max. stay of 150 days per visit (and includes VFS service charge).

http://alicespringsmariage.com/?tampon=tmc-replay-rencontre-en-ligne&e8c=77 Nepal:

See country-specific visa application details below. Visas are also very easy to obtain on arrival at Kathmandu airport (bring a passport-sized photo): expect to pay US $40 for the 15 day visa or US $60 for the 30 day type. For the Mustang region, we sort your permits on the ground: please bring 3 photos.

Fifteen and 30 day visas (multiple entry) cost A$ 40 and AS$ 60. Available from embassy/consulates in person or by post. More details here

Fifteen and 30 day visas (multiple entry) cost £20 and £35. Available from the London embassy in person, or by post. More details here

Fifteen and 30 day visas (multiple entry) cost US$ 25 and US$ 40. Available in Washington, NYC or Chicago in person, or by post. More details here

conocer gente de ermua Bhutan:

We take care of all the formalities for Bhutan before you arrive (visa + daily taxes). NB: Our Bhutan trips leave from New Delhi, so be sure to get an Indian visa.

piano Tibet:

We take care of your Tibet Autonomous Region Visa when you arrive in Kathmandu.


Just one rule: you must hold an unrestricted (all categories) motorcycle licence. If you usually travel by Porsche, scooter, bicycle or moped, you can’t come with us unless you’re riding pillion. Some intrepid travellers take their motorbike driving test just to come away with us !


Australia: To obtain an IDP, contact the relevant IDP authority in your state: the list is here
UK: You can apply for an IDP at selected post offices (cost: £5.50) or by post from the AA (£5.50 + £3 processing fee).
US: If you have a valid tourist visa, your US driver licence is sufficient, but always keep your passport with you while riding. For more details, contact the American Bikers Association


But also for your insurance documents and, for Himalayan destinations, a medical certificate showing you’re fit to ride at altitude for more than 6 hours a day. You’ll then just need to sign a liability waiver during the booking process !



We’ll look after you throughout your trip, but you’ll need a bit of pocket money even so – mainly to pay for additional meals when you’re staying half-board. Don’t forget other things like drinks, souvenirs, personal expenses and tips. Depending on how much you love shopping and your need for alcohol, plan on €200-500 per person to be comfortable.


Cash machines are increasingly common, so you can withdraw money in all major cities (New Delhi, Kochi, Chennai, Leh, Kathmandu, Pokhara, Ulan Bator, Colombo, Paro, Thimphu, etc.). Your credit card will be accepted even if you decide to raid a pashmina store in the heart of the Himalaya. That said, it’s advisable to bring some cash with you to use in the bureaux de change, at the airport or in town. You’ll avoid bank commission charges and any nasty surprises if the ATMs are out of action.


In lots of Asian countries tipping is very common: a way of acknowledging and bumping up the wages of many seasonal workers, restaurant staff, drivers, mechanics and guides. It’s not obligatory and depends on how happy you are with everything. It’s something you can discuss with your group during the trip.



Depending on the destination and the selected trip, you stay in authentic guesthouses, comfortable hotels, yurts or palaces worthy of a thousand and one nights. We track down original locations with the emphasis on boutique accommodation. For custom built trips, there’s a choice of hotels depending on your budget and our recommendations, as long as they’re on your route.


Apart from in the Himalaya, more and more hotels have Wi-Fi. Quality varies, but in an emergency you’ll always find a way of connecting with the virtual world. The telephone network is somewhat patchy, but 3G is becoming more common in the Mongolian steppe and Sri Lankan countryside. In Ladakh, there’s no coverage outside Leh.


Your adventure is also a culinary adventure ! Put your faith in your guide, who’ll unearth the best places to eat along your route. You‘ll alternate between local and Western cuisine wherever possible. For those with a sensitive palate, ask for something “not spicy”. Our packages are either half board or full board, where you just pay for drinks. For lunch, your guide sometimes organises a picnic and will do their best to cater to everyone’s tastes. The same goes for vegetarian or special diets, like gluten free, as long as you let us know in advance. And don’t forget to pack specialities from your own local area – no one will say no to a light aperitif in the middle of the Rajasthan desert or up on the high Tibetan Plateau !



We give details in each tour programme about what the price includes and excludes. Remember two important things: international flights and visas are your responsibility. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if this is not clear.



  • The tour booking will be confirmed only upon receipt of amount of 20% of the tour price.
  • 30% of the tour price to be paid 60 days prior to the date of departure.
  • Balance 50% of the tour price to be paid 30 days prior to the departure.

All extra services and charges such as rail and air fares, transfers and transport, hotel for any trip extensions by you and any other similar services which are not included in the tour cost will be confirmed only on receipt of 100% advance


Our team looks after bike maintenance before, during and after each trip. As a rule we ask for a security deposit on your arrival before handing over the keys. The amount is stated in each tour programme. If you fall off (we won’t tell anyone) and you damage our motorbike, an amount may be retained. The same applies if you ignore our advice and harm the bike we entrust to your care. You and your guide will assess any mechanical or cosmetic damage.


Our rates are based on the cost of a double room, shared with another member of the group. Either you come with a friend, a biker like you, so there’s no surprise if they snore or have nightmares. Or you share a room with a fellow traveller, in which case we can put you in touch before the trip so you can start to get know each other. For solitary bikers, who opt for a single room, any supplements are detailed in the tour programme.



In the event of any cancellation by you, we would need a notification from you in writing.
Cancellation charges shall be levied as per the following terms:

  • Cancellation before 60 days before date of departure: 20% of tour price as cancellation charges
  • Cancellation between 59 to 31 days before date of departure: 30% of tour price as cancellation charges
  • Cancellation between 30-15 days of departure : 50% of tour cost as cancellation charges
  • Cancellation between 14 to the day of departure: 100% of tour cost as cancellation charges

Flights cancelled will be charged as per the airline policy.

Finally, anyone who fails to turn up on day one without warning us is not entitled to any refund.



If getting into and out of the saddle and putting on a helmet is a physical effort for you, we’re going to have to discuss your booking in more detail. Even on our “Chic & Charming“ tours, a bike trip is no piece of cake. We welcome all bikers, novices and experts alike, as long as you’re in good health and ready to keep up with the pace. Let’s talk about which tour suits you best.


No vaccinations are required for any of the destinations on offer. However we recommend the following jabs: DT Polio, Hepatitis A and B, and Typhoid.

In any case, speak to your doctor and get more details from an official website in your country.


Acute Mountain Sickness is a constant risk on trips in the Himalaya, and especially so in Ladakh. Our routes are designed with the altitude levels in mind, with a preference for gradual climbs and a limited amount of time spent at high altitude (mountain passes). Well aware of the symptoms (headache, nausea, loss of appetite, insomnia…) and their consequences, our team and your guide are there to give you all the advice you need on how to successfully acclimatise. Drink lots of water, eat garlic, chew coca leaves, limit alcohol intake and avoid too much physical effort. If necessary, we’re equipped with oxygen cylinders in the support vehicle following the group. Check with your doctor and get a prescription for Diamox.



In the event of an accident, the motorbikes are covered by third party insurance (personal injury and vehicle damage) by an international body. In many Asian countries, “comprehensive” insurance doesn’t exist for motorbikes. You will be requested to provide a security deposit amount of minimum 400 USD, which may vary depending on the country where your trip is occurring.

This security deposit will be returned to you at the end of the Tour, unless deduction of any costs of repair or replacement of all or part of the Vehicle and/or its accessories that would be borne by you in case of damage suffered by the Vehicle. If the repair costs exceed the amount of the security deposit, Indus Rides reserves the right to claim the reimbursement of costs incurred, which will be subsequently charged to the Indus Rider separately.


Contrary to popular belief, whether it’s a trip to Southern India or to Nepal, you’ll need more or less the same classic motorbike equipment. Choose gear that keeps you safe: gloves, jackets, trousers, ankle boots and above all a good helmet. Even in Sri Lanka no one cruises along in flip flops and shorts, with the wind in their hair. Thermal technical clothing is very useful for changes in temperature. Don’t forget your scarf to protect you from the dust, a good pair of sunglasses and sunscreen. Think about packing wet-weather gear at all times. For some trips in the Himalaya, if you prefer your sleeping bag to guesthouse blankets, then bring it with you.


You’ll never be alone, even stuck in the middle of the Indian countryside, with a bike that no longer starts up and a cracked rib. Our teams back in the office in New Delhi, or Kathmandu are in constant contact with your guide. Whether it’s a change of route, adverse weather, a last-minute extension or a hospital stay, we‘re ready to respond. We check your insurance details and get on the line to your insurer !.



Our guaranteed departures are open to a maximum of 8 riders. It’s a chance to meet other motorbike enthusiasts, some of whom are already familiar with Indus Rides and can get you up to speed. You’ll share laughter, bike horns and routes for ten days or so. You’ll all ride together as friends, adhering to your guide’s advice, and not forgetting that good team spirit is the key to a successful group trip.


We offer itineraries for everyone, with various routes and tempos. You can choose between “off road” circuits on mainly dirt tracks, and smoother routes on well paved roads. Our Motorcycle ramble is a balanced mix of the two, and lets bikers get a taste of the magnificent routes without having to be an endurance expert. Our Chic & Charming range offers more comfortable accommodation to relax in after a day in the saddle. Meanwhile, our Adventure Tour is aimed at experienced bikers looking for a physical challenge. The number of hours per day on the bike and, above all, the number of days (8 to 12) affects the difficulty of the trip, in terms of endurance and fatigue. We put in all the groundwork when designing our itineraries to make sure the pace is nicely balanced. You simply choose the trip that suits you, advised by our team


Your motorbike guide speaks fluent English and is an experienced biker, he’ll be passionate about your destination and a lover of Royal Enfields, so you’re in good hands for an adventure. He ensures good communications and is the link between you and the rest of the team (mechanic, driver). He encourages contact with the locals, relying on his natural charm when he can’t speak the local dialect. The support vehicle is behind you all the way, so you can travel light without bags or spare parts. The vehicle is also very handy if a passenger wants a rest or a rider is unable to continue.